I’ve been so busy planning some of the wedding details that we’ve sort of forgotten about our upcoming (well in 2 mths time) engagement party.

Since I’m not much of a creative bunny and Sam is happy to go along with whatever, I enlisted the help of my aunt (who I must say is brilliant at card making) to help us design our invites. It took two trips to the card shop for a decision to be made on colour and style. I know it’s only engagement invites so we wanted them to be simple yet nice. We picked the perfect paper and design and got straight to work cutting, using double sided tape and sticking..between my aunt, mum and I we were a production line and after an afternoon over a few wines we had created the best bunch of engagement invites ever (yes I’m biased).

So now the exciting part..posting them!! I know our party isn’t until early October but I just couldn’t wait so I posted some out to my friends who I had told or who I thought needed to know wayyyy in advanced. Then after being to excited and impatient we decided to send the rest off! So now It’s just sitting back waiting for the RSVP’s and counting down the days until we can party with our nearest and dearest.

So onto the important part of the party: drinks! I must say I love the cheap bargains you can buy online! We’ve had plenty of bargains purchased and I think the delivery post man has begun to think of us a serious wine coniersers or just party animals hehe.

We will keep you posted on our engagement party success!!