Hey there

My name is Sarah-Rose. My boy and I have been together for four and a half years. We have been living together for the last 4 years and have 2 cats (Henry and Isabella).

Last November we went and stayed at salt at kingscliffe to celebrate our 4th anniversary and the night before our anniversary we had dinner at the hotel restraunt. It was amazing I’ll never forget it! After an amazing dinner we went for a lovely walk along the beach, we were the only ones on there. We were walking and talking and then suddenly my boy spun me around and blurted a jumble sentance ” Will you ah where is it ah there marry me?” and to such I replied ” you idiot” followed by a kiss and a big old “YES OF COURSE”. After that we went up to the hotel room where I had my gift for him (I had planned to ask him the same question a girl can’t wait forever when she knows what she wants hehe). He loved the ring as much as I loved mine.

It wasn’t until after christmas that we started concidering the wedding.. One day after being hasselled by the boys at work I bugged my boy and got a date out of him. With the date set I started with the planning!

So far we have found our wedding location (The Golden Ox), celebrant (Renee), my dress, my bridesmaids dresses. And am struggling to find the perfect photographer.

I’m learning no matter how organised you think you are there is always something you forget to ask!