Hey there everyone

I can’t believe there is only 280 days to go. It doesn’t sound that long when you put it in days. I think my partner Ryan is trying not to think about it like alot of boys he just keeps saying ” Its your day do what you like”. Ah no help!

Like I stated in my last blog entry I’ve sorted quite alot heres a little bit of the planning process!

The first step was to get the date like I said in my last blog, the boys at work hassled me and one night I sat Ryan down and said lets just set a date and then everyone will stop bugging us (his mum was hassling him constantly), he tried to get out of it but we ended up nutting it out. Ryan straight up wanted for it to be next year (because he wanted to be married before the big 30 which is the end of next year). Then we choose a season we ruled winter and summer out (a girl doesn’t want her make up melting off or to freeze!)  we decided on Autumn! and with that March was our month.  Then to pick a day, we decided we wanted to have the wedding on a Friday! and the 25th as just fitted in! So there we had it ! 25th March 2011!!


Once we had the date we talked about who we wanted in the wedding party and well we both knew who we wanted our best friends and of course my gorgeous sister and my second youngest brother. It has been the easiest part so far haha.

We are both pretty quite people and both of us knew we didn’t want the big wedding, just close family and our best friends. So the next task was to find the right location. I wanted to be near the beach and well we needed to find somewhere that would take our little number!

I found two places that I liked one at the gold coast and the other one at Margate. My mum and I went to the Golden Ox at Margate and fell in love with it!! They are so helpful and they well they do weddings! Then I went with my sister to the other venue and well was disappointed! So the Ox was booked!

So thats a quick update on some of the plans so far!


Wishing everyone the best with their own plans, until next time

Peace love and happiness to you all