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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Gifts for the Wedding Attendants
Article:   Gifts for the Wedding Attendants

Now that you’ve selected the people that will surround you as a part of your wedding party for your big day, you need to think of a way to show them how much their participation means to you. As you think through different options for bridal attendant gifts, you want to make sure that it is special and that they will think of you each and every time that they use their gift. This is a special day for them too and they’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into being a part of your wedding day, so choose wisely when it comes to their gifts. Choosing attendant gifts need not be difficult, but it should certainly show your love and appreciation.

Something for the Big Day

When it comes to picking attendant gifts, many couples opt for something that they can use on the big day. Many brides pick jewelry that their bridesmaids can proudly wear on their wedding day. Not only does this provide a uniform look and take the guesswork out of accessories for your ladies, but it gives them a special keepsake. Jewelry can go a long way as it’s something that most women will wear forever and each time they put it on, they will think of you and your special day. Likewise many grooms may choose an accessory such as a tie clip or cufflinks that their groomsmen can wear. These not only give a sharp look but can be something very functional and therefore appreciated beyond the big day.

Special Little Memories

If you don’t want to go with something for the big day, pick something that they can use in their everyday life. For the women, go with something for the home that is special and that all of your women will use forever more. For the men, go with something fun but still lovely such as a special engraved mug. You can get ideas from websites out there for a one gift fits all. Alternatively you can even pick a gift that is special and customized to each attendant in your wedding. Whatever you end up picking for an attendant gift, be sure to present it in a special way. Write a card to show your words of love and appreciation to include with the gift. Your rehearsal dinner can be an excellent time to present your special gifts and let your attendants know just how much they mean to you.

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