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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Flower Preservation: Information on Preserving Your Bouquet
Article:   Flower Preservation: Information on Preserving Your Bouquet

As your wedding day is the most special day in your life, you want to do whatever you can to remember it. There are so many special memories you will carry with you your while life through from your wedding day. There are also certain aspects that may be difficult to remember and therefore you want to do whatever you can to preserve those memories somehow. It’s for that reason that many brides opt to preserve their beautiful bouquets so that they have something tangible to hold onto. Preserving your flowers can be an excellent way to remember your special day and a beautiful part of it forever.

Start with Your Florist

Obviously when it comes to your floral needs, you will start with your florist. You will work with your florist to create all of the beautiful arrangements that will adorn every aspect of your special day. When it comes to preserving your flowers, talking to your florist can be an excellent first step as well. Talk to your florist about your desire to preserve and let them know this as early in the process as possible. First and foremost, they can work with you to pick flowers that will hold well throughout the day and ultimately preserve well to hold in place. So be sure to communicate your desire to preserve up front so that you can pick the right flowers for that beautiful memory. Your florist may also have the capability or the resources to actually preserve the flowers as well. See if they have any recommendations or ask if they are even able to handle this important task for you on their own.

Understand the Requirements

Timing is obviously of the essence when it comes to preserving your special bouquet. Be sure that you understand what needs to happen and in what sort of timeframe so that you can take whatever measures are necessary for preservation. Oftentimes you will need to select somebody to take your bouquet to the preservation resource the very next morning before the flowers start to wilt too much. You may even need to find a way to keep the flowers cool overnight to help keep them in their most natural state.

Ask Questions and Shop Around

You want to be sure to work with somebody who knows what they are doing when it comes to preserving your flowers. As this is such a timely and delicate task, ask a lot of questions and shop around to be sure you find somebody that you hold confidence in. This is nothing to be taken lightly if you want to ensure that you have the special memory of your flowers preserved forever more.

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