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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Losing Weight for Your Wedding
Article:   Losing Weight for Your Wedding

There is no bigger day in your life than your wedding day. All eyes will be on you as the beautiful bride and that means you want to look your best. For some this can help to build the excitement, but for others this can be a rather scary wake up call.

As you want to look the part of the fairy princess, for many brides that means the strong desire to drop a few unwanted pounds. There’s no better time to get into tip top shape and look and feel your best than your wedding day.

If you are looking to lose weight for your wedding, then be sure to set up some goals and methods by which to drop the unwanted pounds. Just as you schedule appointments with vendors on your calendar, you need to be sure that you schedule time to work out. With all the many things that a busy bride has to do, it’s easy to forget or neglect to make regular workouts a priority but that won’t help you to reach your goals.

You need to be realistic with your weight loss journey and a big part of that is getting in regular exercise. Be sure to set goals up front and stick with them, for these goals are what will help you to reach your end goal.

Decide upon how much weight you want to lose and be realistic based on the amount of time you have to accomplish this before your big day. If necessary and budget permits, hire a personal trainer so that you can get the necessary help you need in the appropriate timeframe. However if money is an object as it is for so many, determine what sorts of fitness activities you can do to keep yourself motivated and ultimately allow you to lose the unwanted weight.

Schedule regular workouts a couple of times a week and be diligent about keeping these as you would any other appointment. Approaching fitness in this way is the only surefire way to drop the weight, and you will quickly realize that it will help to relieve some of the stress you may be feeling with the wedding planning as well.

Be sure that you are eating a proper diet as well. Fill your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low fat dairy products, and whole grains. Make good food choices when you go out to eat and learn to cook healthy meals for yourself. Eat smaller portions at one sitting, but eat more frequently with snacks in between meals.

If you incorporate these healthy eating habits with regular exercise, you will be sure to accomplish your goal of losing weight before your big day—and you will look even more stunning as a bride!

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