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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Questions to Ask Your Photographer
Article:   Questions to Ask Your Photographer

There’s no doubt that one of the most important vendors for your wedding day is your photographer. Long after the bouquet has been thrown and the cake has been cut, the photos of your wedding day will stand as the one distinct memory that you have of your special day. You need to be sure that the photographer you choose will not only take the very best shots that special day, but that they have a good reputation, and that they will be capable of producing exactly what you want.

Since this is the one memory you will have of your big day, you want to be absolutely certain about the photographer that you choose. Taking the time to research various photographers and interview them can put your mind at ease. The last thing you want is to end up with low quality photos or none at all due to some sort of a glitch. To save yourself a lot of stress and heartache later on, here are some questions to ask your photographer well in advance:

1.    Ask about prior work: This is a huge part of the photographer research task as you want to see other weddings that they’ve shot and proof of the photographs that you want to have from your big day. This could also serve to give you some great and creative ideas as well.

2.    Be sure to understand the flow for the big day: You want to be sure that the photographer will be with you to capture all of the special moments on your wedding day. Understanding their role and how they will work with you to be present and ready to capture all of the planned and candid moments from your special day can make the plan for the day of much less stressful.

3.    Ask about the packages or special features that they have: If you are interested in getting a high quantity of pictures taken, such as of each table of guests along with everything else, be sure to discuss that up front. If you know that you will want certain shots, such as one of both of your hands, or even something that you’ll want in black and white later, ask about their experience with each of these. It’s important to understand any limitations that they may have, as well as make them aware of any special requests or ideas that you have for your big day.

4.    Ask about pricing and how this breaks down: Photographers generally don’t come cheap, and since they will be an extension of you on your wedding day it’s understandable. Ask about the total cost, the structure, how the payments break down, and any deposits or special fees. You know that you’ll spend some money to get the best quality of photos, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process.

Being prepared up front and asking all the right questions can make a big difference in the wedding photos that you are left with. It benefits you to ask around, find referrals from friends and family, or even from your reception venue or other vendors. Making the choice for a photographer should take the stress off and if you ask the right questions up front, you are sure to end up with the right one and ultimately have amazing wedding photos for which to remember your special day.

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