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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Things to Consider for Beach Weddings
Article:   Things to Consider for Beach Weddings

Everybody has a different style and idea of what their dream wedding is. For some, the traditional route of having a church wedding and a reception in a hall is the very best option. It seems though that these days, many couples are opting for destination weddings. Choosing a destination and setting that is beautiful and meaningful to the couple is the most important thing. Therefore you are seeing more and more couples opting to have a beach wedding.

Nothing holds more beauty and allure for a bridal couple than a wedding on the beach as it’s beautiful, simple, and can make for an amazing backdrop for the couple to exchange their vows and celebrate their new union. A beach wedding is an excellent choice for a couple and there’s no doubt why this option is becoming so popular. There are however certain considerations to think through before your big day so that you are certain that everything runs smoothly.

Have a Backup Plan

Though a beach wedding is ultimately your dream and goal, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. It can be helpful to have a Plan B just in case the weather isn’t making your beach wedding a viable option. Work with a nearby reception venue to determine what sort of indoor facility you can utilize if the weather is not on your side that day for a beach wedding. At the very least, see if you can get a tent or some sort of cover if rain is ruining your day at the beach.

Go Simple and Casual

As you walk down the “aisle” through the sand, you will likely be barefoot. Most of the time a beach wedding is elegant, but is still much more casual than your typical affair. So set the tone up front with your guests and be sure that they understand this is a more casual affair than your typical. Indicate on your invitation that this is a beach wedding and be sure that you note the type of attire you are looking for. Usually a beach wedding caters more to the laid back style and you don’t want people to be dressed in formal attire or have unrealistic expectations of what the reception may be like.

Go with the Flow

If you’re getting married on the beach, you will likely have to work around the elements such as wind for example. Go with a gown that is beautiful but a bit more casual and that flows easily for more comfort. Also be sure to wear your hair in a way that it’s out of your face. If the wind picks up, you don’t want to have to be pushing your hair out of your eyes throughout the wedding ceremony or reception.

Be Realistic about Attendance

If you are having a beach wedding, particularly if it is in a tropical destination, be realistic about the attendance. Many of your guests may have good intentions of attending and may really want to be there, but a tropical beach vacation isn’t in their budget or within their schedule. If you plan to get married somewhere tropical, just know that you may have a limited number of people there and that you may have to throw a big party when you get back for those guests that couldn’t make the trip.

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