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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Wedding Toasts and Speeches Tips
Article:   Wedding Toasts and Speeches Tips

One of the highlights of the wedding day is the speeches. Second of course to the vows and the first dance, the wedding speeches given by those close to the bride and groom command attention as a special tribute. If you are asked to give a speech, consider this a great honor.

Giving a speech or a toast at a couple’s wedding reception is not something to be taken lightly and therefore you want to put some excellent preparation and thought behind the words you will speak. Consider your relationship to the bridal couple and then determine the very best way to proceed.

Speak from the Heart

The very best wedding speeches or toasts come right from the heart. Let your emotions do the talking and be sure to touch on how much they mean to you and what a great couple they are.

While it can help to mark down your words on a note card so you don’t forget anything, don’t just read the speech as it will seem overly prepared. Speak freely and honestly and let your special feelings for the happy couple come through as you give your speech.

A Little Humor Can Go a Long Way

Some people try to make their speech nothing but funny. While humor can certainly be an aspect of the special speech or toast, don’t work too hard to make it funny. If you try too hard or focus solely on the humorous aspect of your speech, then it will show. If you insert a joke or a little bit of humor, that’s okay but let it be on a limited basis.

A funny anecdote here and there can go a lot further than a speech filled with humor that comes across as trying way too hard.

Don’t Embarrass the Bridal Couple

While some may have the instinct to embarrass the bride and groom on memories gathered through the years, try to stay away from this method.

This can backfire and end up insulting the couple or the guests, so it’s always dangerous territory if you go towards humiliation.

Remember that this is the couple’s special day and you were asked to give a speech because you are close to one or both of them, so cater your words to that point of view. Working too hard to embarrass the bride or groom isn’t usually in good taste and therefore speaking special words from the heart can make a much more meaningful and appreciated toast.


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