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Brides in Brisbane - Article - Who Pays for the Wedding
Article:   Who Pays for the Wedding

Once the excitement of the engagement wears off for a moment, you quickly realize that you have a rather expensive process lying ahead of you. Weddings are wonderful and filled with pure joy, but they are also very expensive and that can be overwhelming for some.

Thinking through all of the different vendors you will use and all of the various aspects of the wedding planning you need to coordinate can send some people into shock very quickly. If you determine a budget and understand who pays for what, that can be very helpful before you move forward with the actual planning. Determining who pays for the wedding or various parts of it can really help to take some of the stress off throughout the process.

New Rules to the Wedding Game

There used to be traditional parts of the wedding the bride’s family paid for, that the groom’s family paid for, and that the couple themselves paid for. These days all bets are off.

As many people struggle with finances or we see couples getting married later in life, the traditional roles aren’t what they used to be. As a couple it can be helpful to determine what you can pay for on your own up front. Many couples pay for their own wedding all on their own and never give it a second thought. Others know that they will get help from their families and heavily rely on that.

Understanding the breakdown will help you to plan a wedding that fits the overall budget and determines what you will be responsible for. This can dictate the location, number of guests, and how many fancy details become a part of your special day.

Traditional Roles

It used to be that the bride’s family paid for a vast majority of the wedding day. The family of the bride used to pay for everything from the dress to the reception venue, to the cake, and everything in between. As the bride was the highlight of the special day, the bride’s family often used to take on the role of paying for the entire day and that was just the way things were done.

The groom’s family would traditionally pay for some of the extras on the wedding day such as the bar at the reception, the rehearsal dinner, and perhaps a certain aspect such as the transportation.

Ask in Advance

If you want to be able to budget appropriately and plan a wedding that is within your means, it can be helpful to ask the families up front. In the right way and at the appropriate time at the beginning of the wedding planning process, ask each of the families if they will be able to help.

Knowing what you can expect, if anything, will allow you to plan your dream wedding within your means and take the stress off of you as you move through the planning process.

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