I’m very excited because this week my best friend (bridesmaid) who I have been friends with since we were 3 is coming back home after spending 4 mths away! She has been away for the most exciting time of our wedding planning where we picked a date and venue so I have a lot to tell her about. 

Thought I’d better talk about the bridal party and let you know how we came about selecting the crew. 

Jess is my wonderful friend who I’ve been friends with since our kiddie days so it was a no brainer that she was to be up there. 

Erin is my other lovely friend who has been around since high school and we’ve been good friends. I’d always thought I’d pick her as she is a special friend. 

On the bloke side of things we have 

Broc who is Sam’s good mate and cousin, I think he was always going to be in the party as him and Sam are pretty much attached at the hip 

Nathan is Sams older brother and Sam was best man for at his wedding a few years ago. Was also a pretty obvious choice he’d be involved somewhere 

I think we chose a pretty darn good group of friends and family to be in the bridal party and I know there will be lots of fun times and lots of laughs and jokes when we’re off getting photos, and they’re all pretty good looking !! hehe :)  

Best advice when choosing – make sure they’re special in your life, they will relax and have fun and will be there to help out before and on the day – you don’t want someone who can’t have fun with you, make you feel at ease and help out with the planning. 

We’ll see how good our selection is when we get closer to our wedding hehehe jk guys