Well hello again all BridesinBrisbane.com.au fans!

It has now been 15 days since Dane (my husband, I can finally say it!!) and I said “I do” and I have to say that I am loving married life!! Now we have the rest of our lives to spend hopefully remembering what a beautiful, perfect day Saturday 30th October 2010 was.  It was certainly an amazing, time consuming, stressful, exciting and emotional 11 months planning that one day, but I can certainly say that all of the hard work was worth it!  It is my pleasure to recap that day for my last blog and I hope that it brings encouragement (and maybe even a little advice) to those still planning their big day that their wedding day really will be the day of their dreams…

As per my usual form, I awoke early on that Saturday morning and went into ‘business as usual’ mode.  Ok, ok I’m going to be perfectly honest here and admit that I was VERY nervous, as well as being a little stressed, about the day ahead.  After all, for a bit of a control freak it is scary to think at that point that there were still several hours where everything could go wrong.  Luckily, I had my Mum there with me to calm my nerves and we headed to the hairdressers where they proceeded to work their magic on us, as well as my Step-Mother Elly, my Maid-of-Honor Alana, Bridesmaids Erin, Jane and Alice, as well as two very excited Flowergirls, Dakota and Britney.  We then all headed back to my house where our make-up artist (the amazing Jade Milner) was waiting for us.  It was there at the house that I started to relax.  My little house soon became abuzz with excitement as we conga-lined to have our make-up done in one room, played Wii and ate the chicken and salad lunch the bridesmaids (Godsends!) prepared in another, touched up our hair in another, and oohed and ahhed over our dresses in another.  My adorable nieces drew me pictures and wrote cards wishing Dane and I well and I ‘Tweeted’ away until it was time to go to our hotel, Emporium, for photos.

After a very giggly cab ride, singing along to Destiny’s Child tunes, we arrived at Emporium where our fantastic photographer, Sarah Keayes, was waiting for us.  It certainly wasn’t long until it was time to down one drink for courage and pile into our vintage London Taxis (driven by the very dapper looking Marcus and Andrew) and be driven to Broadway Chapel, Woolloongabba.  I think memory I will most treasure from that drive will be seeing my nieces smiling faces looking up at me.  They were absolutely little ladies the entire day and were in a state of Nirvana after having their hair, make-up and nails done and just could not wait to walk down the aisle ahead of me.  True to form though I was of course too early arriving at the chapel and had to be driven around the block until it was time to arrive.  Once we did arrive, it really was just how you would imagine it: Bridesmaids fluffing your gown, your mother shedding a tear, your father gently holding your arm, your heart racing knowing that you are soon going to see the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with.  As I heard The Beatles “And I Love Her” play, I took a deep breath and stepped into the chapel where I saw all of my friends and family smiling back at me.  I wanted to hug each and every one of them but at the same time I wanted to run up the aisle and jump into Dane’s arms.  I was so happy to see him I almost forgotten that this was the time to say our vows!

Our ceremony was very short and sweet, with a few giggles in between, and I remember not wanting to let go of Dane’s hand for a second throughout it.  I was completely unaware of my Bridesmaids apparent sobbing and the chattering voices of my little nieces and nephews.  I truly felt very loved and adored by Dane when he told me I looked beautiful and I just could not stop smiling!  I finally got to hug everyone as they congratulated us and we posed for a few photographs before Dane and I piled into our taxi for more photographs around Brisbane.  I gleefully admired my new wedding ring and kissed my now husband as we posed, smiled and embraced for photos.  I was thankful however when it was time to go to the Victoria Park to begin our reception, I needed to start relaxing!  For the entrance to our reception, Dane and I had planned months in advance to set the tone for the night by dancing Pulp Fiction-style to Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell”.  I pretty much forgot most of the dance steps but I think we pulled it off judging by our guests applause and cheers as we twisted and twirled.  It was one of my favourite moments of the day having Dane and I be entirely silly and act like ourselves and show our guests how much fun we wanted to have that night.

After a meal I was disappointingly too full to finish and just a few drinks, we had our parents, Best Man Beech and Maid-of-Honour Alana give some of the funniest, endearing, and kindest speeches, reminding Dane and I how lucky we were to have such amazing family and friends.  It was during my speech that I shed my one and only tear for the day and shortly after DJ Conan got the party started on the dance floor.  Dane and I were absolutely blown away when some of our friends performed a dance routine to Wham’s “Wake Me Up”!  I don’t think we have laughed and cheered so hard together watching them all, it is a moment that Dane and I have hardly stopped talking about since!  I have to now list some of the highlights of the night:

  • Dancing, dancing, dancing!  Dane and I just could not stop dancing!  I will especially treasure the moments I spent dancing with my Dad, Barry, and my Step-Dad, Pete.
  • Throwing my bouquet and having our MC Mel catch it!  I wish I could say the same about my garter, Dane threw it twice before one of the guys were willing to pick it up!
  • Dane’s Nanna, Dawn, telling me she thought I looked beautiful.
  • My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins presenting us with a bag full of Halloween themed presents.
  • Sitting back and watching all of family and friends mingle with each other, I am so glad we booked a smaller room!  It made the night feel very intimate.
  • Every time Dane told me that he loved me.

I wish the night could have gone on forever but before we knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel.  We packed up all the cards the guest book so that we could enjoy all the well wishes and remember the day together.  Dane and I are so lucky that we had a better day than we could have imagined filled with laughter and dancing, smiles and kisses, kind words and amazing memories.  We both feel that all of the time, effort and money spend was well worth it, even if it was only for just one day.  If I can offer any advice to future brides it would be to enjoy yourselves, be yourselves and don’t forget that the day is about celebrating the love that you and your husband have for each other, so show it!

I will certainly post photos when we receive them from our photographer, but in the meantime if any readers have any comments they would like to post or any questions about our wedding please feel free.  I will of course be in touch with BridesinBrisbane.com.au as much as possible.

Happy wedding planning!

Love, Jill Simmonds xx