Hi my name is Nicole and I would have to say that at times my future husband and I can be a little unconventional! We met 4 years ago on valentines day and we have been inseparable ever since.

Now I know your thinking that’s not unconventional! It’s how we met that is a little different from your average hook up. You see I had been single for some time and as I have children from a previous relationship it was hard to go out and meet men. So with a little pushing from my family and an old work friend I gave the dating site R.S.V.P a go!

So anyway I was a little drunk one night and I kept seeing the same picture of a man with an amazing smile pop up on my screen all night (it could have been the wine lol). But his profile said he wasn’t interested in someone with children, me with my dutch courage and a few to many glasses of wine thought “what the hell” and i sent him a kiss! Not two minutes had passed when I got one back!

Before I knew it we were chatting via msn and making plans to not be alone on valentines day. We decided not to talk over the phone so that the first time we saw each other would also be the first time we heard each others voices.

On valentines day morning to my surprise he sent my a stunning array of flowers with a card attached saying “I cant wait to see our smile and hear your voice”

I was so scared! For all I knew he could be a serial killer!!!

When he pulled up and got out of his car and smiled a smile that took my breath away…..I was smitten!

In my next blog I’ll tell you all about how I proposed!

Till next time
Nicole :)