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Sunset Times



Photos are an important part of your wedding day and consideration must be given to factors that may impact on your photographers ability to get the best shots! Consider travel time and ease of access to locations that are on your list of possible photo spots. Talk to your photographer about the time required to get the photos that you are hoping for and cater for this in your planning of your ceremony and reception start and finish times.


Thought must also be given to sunset times to ensure that you will have enough light on the day to have photos completed. Below are sunset times for Saturday's in Brisbane in 2010;


January                                        February                                 March
Saturday 2nd - 6:46pm                 Saturday 6th - 6:39pm            
Saturday 6th - 6:14pm
Saturday 9th - 6:47pm                  Saturday 13th - 6:34pm           Saturday 13th - 6:07pm
Saturday 16th - 6:47pm                Saturday 20th - 6:28pm           Saturday 20th - 5:59pm
Saturday 23rd - 6:45pm                Saturday 27th - 6:21pm           Saturday 27th - 5:51pm
Saturday 30th - 6:42pm


April                                            May                                           June
Saturday 3rd - 5:44pm                
Saturday 1st - 5:16pm              Saturday 5th - 5:00pm
Saturday 10th - 5:36pm               Saturday 8th - 5:11pm              Saturday 12th - 5:00pm
Saturday 17th - 5:29pm               Saturday 15th - 5:06pm            Saturday 19th - 5:01pm
Saturday 24th - 5:22pm               Saturday 22nd - 5:07pm           Saturday 26th - 5:03pm
                                                     Saturday 29th - 5:01pm

July                                             August                                    
Saturday 3rd - 5:05pm                 Saturday 7th - 5:22pm             
Saturday 4th - 5:35pm
Saturday 10th - 5:08pm               Saturday 14th - 5:25pm            Saturday 11th - 5:38pm
Saturday 17th - 5:11pm               Saturday 21st - 5:29pm             Saturday 18th - 5:41pm
Saturday 24th - 5:15pm               Saturday 28th - 5:32pm             Saturday 25th - 5:44pm                                              Saturday 31st - 5:18pm              

November                               December
Saturday 2nd - 5:48pm               
Saturday 6th - 6:09pm              Saturday 4th - 6:30pm
Saturday 9th - 5:51pm                 Saturday 13th - 6:14pm            Saturday 11th - 6:35pm
Saturday 16th - 5:55pm               Saturday 20th - 6:19pm            Saturday 18th - 6:39pm
Saturday 23rd - 5:59pm               Saturday 27th - 6:25pm            Saturday 25th - 6:43pm
Saturday 30th  - 6:04pm

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