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Survival Guide



Expect the Unexpected

As the bride, you have spent months planning, analysing, considering, deliberating and stressing about every single aspect of this one important day, down to the cutlery and the cake server!



You think that you have the scheduled down pat and all the bridal party and family members are aware of the order of events for the day and their roles to play. However, no matter how much effort and planning you put into your wedding day, people can forget, people can make mistakes, accidents happen and certain things are out of your control.

The one piece of advice that many now married women give about a wedding is to expect the unexpected - to accept that not everything will go to plan and to just go with the flow on the day.

Some of the more common problems that brides experience on their big day include stains or rips in your wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dresses, and lost buttons on the grooms or groomsmen’s shirts.



To give you piece of mind on the day, prepare a wedding emergency kit to have with you in case of a problem. It is an idea to include the following;


Make-up Touch up Bag


This can sometimes be purchased from your make-up artist so make sure you ask if they offer such products. The touch-up bag can include;

•    Concealer
•    Powder
•    Lipstick or lip gloss


Other Emergency Items



•    Eye Drops
•    Breath Mints
•    Travel Mirror
•    Tissues
•    Mini Hair Spray
•    Bobby Pins
•    Nail Glue (to repair any broken nails)
•    Nail File
•    Deodorant
•    Tampons
•    Extra Stockings/Pantyhose (if you are wearing them on the day)
•    Chalk (For small stains on dress - really works!)
•    Stain Remover Spray
•    Needle and Thread
•    Safety Pins
•    Lint Remover
•    Special Medications e.g. asthma spray
•    Band-aids (Clear or flesh coloured)
•    Anti-nausea medication
•    Headache Pain Relief
•    Anti-histamine




•    Cash
•    Credit Cards
•    Identification
•    Mobile Phone
•    Umbrellas for the bridal party
•    Contact Phone Numbers - Suppliers
•    Contact Phone Numbers - Wedding Party

You can either shop around for the individual items and create your emergency kit yourself or otherwise visit a website such as http://www.bridalsurvival.com.au/shop/ and buy a kit already prepared which come in a range of fantastic clutches and make-up bags!

Being equipped with the above emergency items for your big day will give you some assurance that you are prepared for the worst and will alleviate some of the stress of the day ahead.

At the end of the day, it is probably only you that noticed that the groomsmen weren’t lined up exactly right at the alter, that the bonbonniere wasn’t placed in the perfect spot or that the MC skipped a point that you wanted them to cover. The memories that you and your guests will take away are of the laughter, the kind words that are spoken and of the special moments that you and your partner shared at the ceremony and reception.


Do yourself a favour and stop stressing now!




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